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Eye Pads

Introducing our exclusive Eye Pads, a rejuvenating solution meticulously crafted with a mild formula to pamper and revitalize the delicate skin around your eyes. Specially designed to provide a deeply moisturizing experience, these pads go beyond the surface to address various concerns, ensuring your eyes radiate a youthful and refreshed glow.

Water, glycerol, Propylene glycol, sodium carrageenan, Beta glucan. carrageenan, locust bean gum, 1,3-propanediol, hydrolyzed collagen, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrogenated castor oil, DMDM hydantoin
How to use it:
1. Clean eye skin with warm water
2. Open the package, remove and apply to the lower eye area.
3. Gently press the eye mask to close for 12-20 minutes or so. Remove the eye mask and rinse with water

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