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Anti Puff Eye Gel

The micro-roll on applicator de-puffs and reduces the look of under-eye bags. Helps refresh and rejuvenate the appearance around the eyes, diminishes wrinkles, eliminates toxins and increases blood flow. Highly recommended to counteract signs of fatigue and eye bags.

What makes it different:
* Vitamin C  helps in evening out skin tones, heal damaged skin caused by free radicals along and replenishes Vitamin E after sun exposure
* Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice provides moisture to soften skin cells
* Cucumis sativus extract repairs dry and damaged skin and gives it a softer and smoother appearance
* Sodium Hyaluronate hydrates, plumps, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and texture. It also reduces dryness and flakiness by increasing skin hydration
* Hydrolyzed Collagen enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness

Full Ingredient list: 
* Cucumis sativus extract 
* Aloe barbadensis extract 
* Salix nigra bark extract 
* Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract 
* Sodium lactate 
* Polysorbate 20 
* Glycerin 
* Chamomilla recutita extract 
* Sodium hyaluronate 
* Nymphaea
* Alba flower extract 
* Tocopheryl acetate 
* Phenoxyethanol 
* Allantoin 
* Fragrance

Details How to use: Need box What else you need to know:
* Paraben-Free
* Sulfate-Free
* Formulated without Phthalates
* Vegan
* Cruelty-Free
* No Synthetic Fragrance
* Dermatologist tested

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