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Vibrant Palette

"What makes our collection stand out is its unique blend of vibrant shades that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. The finely milled ingredients ensure a smooth application and long-lasting wear, making our makeup a must-have for any occasion.

What makes it different:

Our vibrant palette isn't just about color; it's a celebration of individuality. Each shade is thoughtfully chosen to cater to diverse skin tones, allowing you to express yourself boldly and beautifully.


- Talc: Provides a smooth and silky texture for easy application.

- Mica: Adds a radiant shimmer to enhance your natural glow.

- Magnesium Stearate: Ensures a soft, blendable consistency for seamless coverage.

- Silicon Dioxide: Absorbs excess oil for a matte finish.

- Ethyl Palmitate: Enhances the product's texture and helps it adhere to the skin.

Ingredients List:

Talc. Mica. Magnesium stearate. Silicon. Dioxide. Boronoxide. Ethyl palmitate. polytwomethylsiloxane. White oil. Polyisobutadienedilute. Phenoxyalcohol. May Contain: C177492. C177491. C177499. C177891. C177289. C142090:2. C116035. C177007. CI 77742.


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