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Vitamin C Serum

Innovative serum that combats the effects of time by helping the skin achieve a more younger appearance. This formula contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a combination of seaweed and zinc to protect, hydrate, and stabilize the skin’s texture.

What makes it different:

  • Vitamin C  helps in evening out skin tones, heal damaged skin caused by free radicals along and replenishes Vitamin E after sun exposure
  • Vitamin E protects and nourishes the skin from damage that’s produced by free radicals and oxidation plus it absorbs harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Maris Sal (Dead Sea Water) reduces wrinkles and inflammation, improves the skin barrier's function and enhances skin hydration


  • Zinc Ferment enhancing the skin's ability to absorb moisture
  • Witch Hazel helps shrink pores, soothe skin and reduce inflammation 


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